Anne Menden Future at GZSZ?

Anne Menden:

Is she or she hangs her GZSZ career on the nail? We know it: Anne Menden is extending its contract for the time being for two years

After last several stars adopted their departure from Germany of‘s most popular Eve SOAP, there is now for Anne Menden, 30, a soothing message for her fans. As RTL reported, it will be another two years as Emily Badak in front of the camera. Her contract was renewed.

With conviction

The increasing rumors of a possible exit from the successful daily soap actress Anne Menden speaks clear text now: you will stay! “For me it was out of the question, to sign it, because my colleagues belong to my life as a good cup of coffee in the early morning for two more years”, says Anne completely convinced to RTL. “We are a greatbig family here and I‘m very happy on the GZSZ set. That is why I am of course, that Iwill be continue.” So their fans can breathe.

Old iron

Anne Menden now at GZSZ playing for 11 years and listened to it almost to the scrap,but the top stars of the series. In addition to GZSZ, Anne spends some time trying to build up their own YouTube channel. The last few months her fans there can get to know the person behind the role of Emily Badak.

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