Adele New Album Going To Come Soon


Adele in a long letter to her fans with her new album, set itself apart

Adele‘s new album is called “25”. The predecessor bore the title “21”. And her debut at that time, operated under the name six years ago, “19”. Actually, that fascinated the pop star with the soulful voice of the passage of time and the change of the life phases is no surprise. In a Twitter post long, the singer has declared now but what the new album to her 25 so is age and why the emergence of drawn out so long.

Sounds like a letter to a good friend Adele’s Tweet including some rags with herself and the past. “I feel, I would have spent my whole life so continue to desire”, the Academy Award winning singer confesses. “Always taking me to wish I were older, I‘d be somewhere else, I could remember or forgotten.” It should now but closing because was his her 25th birthday a turning point for them, writes Adele.

An apology to the fans

“My last album was a final Mach album. “And if I would have to miss the new label,then I would say it is a reconciliation-album -“ were of them, who had, become it without noticing it, writes the 25 year-old. Wants with herself is Adele according to own data reconcile and as a precautionary measure immediately with their fans.Because that number 23 just turned out of the plate to age I‘m sorry the singer: “sorry,that it took so long, but, you know, life‘s come up,” she explains.

The wait either way will also soon come to an end: the British television ran a teaser clip for ’25’ on Monday already. In November, the new plant of Adele’s should.


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